Love/ Relationship services

Couple counselling, ‘marriage counseling’ or ‘marital therapy’, is a form of counselling for married couples or couples who are engaged and are on their path of getting married.

There is difference between real and ideal life and sometimes striding for ideal life can lead to conflict. Most of the conflicts in arise because either of the partner or both the partners strive to maintain an ideal marriage. In couple counselling, heal your minds’ counsellor helps the couple understand each other’s behaviors and few aspects of their personality, and most importantly they guide the couple to accept their spouse as they are.

Love/ Relationship services

Marital counselling

Marriage is a very important aspect in one’s life. Some couples struggle to share their doubts and concerns with their partner before getting married and some find themselves not being able to achieve or stay in a happy marriage. At such times, counselling comes into play.

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Pre-Marital Counselling

Pre-marital counselling can be opted by couples who are in a relationship and want to take their relationship to next level, i.e., marriage. In cases of arranged marriage, the couple may not have a chance to discuss their ideologies with each other or might find themselves at odd when they realise that their and their partner’s ideas are not compatible. Here, we can help the couple to understand their compatibility, their beliefs and values and many other aspects which will help them to understand the partner in a better way.

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Post-Marital Counselling

This type of counselling is for couples who are already married. There is no bar for years, which a couple is married for or type of marriage when it comes to post-marital therapy sessions. There are many different choices and ways of thinking between the married couple. Sometimes the couple may have problem in communicating their emotions or thoughts to their spouse, sometimes there can be differences in their parental styles or there can be intimacy issues. Such concerns are handled by us in post-marriage counselling sessions.

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Why Do Couples Seek Marital Therapy?

Marriage could be like a roller coaster. But when you start realising that you are continuously scared or anxious on that roller coaster or are at shouting at full pace while being on it, then it is time to seek help.
Marital counselling can be opted for many reasons such as:

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Martial therapists often start a therapy engagement by asking clients to participate in an information gathering assessment phase during which they attempt to understand the nature of the problem they have been asked to address. The assessment process may be formal or informal depending on the therapist.

An informal assessment consists of one or more sessions devoted to an interview process wherein the therapist asks the couple to describe their problem. Sometimes these early information-gathering sessions involve both partners being present; at other times the partners are individually interviewed.

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