Geriatric counselling

Geriatric counselling is an important service that many elderly people need. It can provide comfort and support to those who are experiencing difficulties in their day-to-day lives.

How does it helps?

The geriatric counseling at heal your minds focuses on teaching older adults about mental health issues, such as depression and dementia. This type of counseling can help older adults understand these conditions and how to best manage them.

Geriatric counseling helps with aspects

Mobility and memory loss

Social isolation

Physical symptoms like pain or fatigue

Spiritual concerns

Emotional changes like anxiety or depression

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benefits to geriatric counseling


Martial therapists often start a therapy engagement by asking clients to participate in an information gathering assessment phase during which they attempt to understand the nature of the problem they have been asked to address. The assessment process may be formal or informal depending on the therapist.

An informal assessment consists of one or more sessions devoted to an interview process wherein the therapist asks the couple to describe their problem. Sometimes these early information-gathering sessions involve both partners being present; at other times the partners are individually interviewed.

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