What is Child Counseling?

Child counseling is a type of therapy that focuses on young children, teens, and adolescents with one or more mental illnesses. It also provides aid to youths, who have experienced trauma, and/or who are experiencing a dysfunctional or stressful home environment.

child issues

Mental health conditions


Grief and the death of a loved one


experiencing a trauma event

Sexual abuse

Common signs of mental health issues or psychological distress include:


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How Can You Tell If Your Child Needs Counseling?

Well, there are some signs that may signal that your child needs counseling. For instance, a child, who has begun to act “out of character” and/or one who has suddenly begun to have developmental problems or rebel – in ways that are not considered “normal behavior” for children of that age, may need to talk to a professional.

In addition, if your child has experienced a significant trauma (i.e. abuse, the death of a loved one or pet, uprooting, divorce, chronic illness, etc.) recently or in the past, but has not received treatment or therapy for it, he/she will most likely benefit from child counseling.

When Should You Seek Child Counseling for Your Child?

When a child is suffering from mental, social or emotional, or psychological distress and/or trauma, it can be hard to cope with, especially when you feel like nothing is working or there’s nothing you can do to remedy the situation.   That is where a child counselor can be extremely beneficial.

What Kinds of Issues Do Child Counselors Treat?

Well, child counselors treat a variety of issues. For instance, they treat children who have experienced trauma or upsetting events like the loss of a parent, pet, loved one, siblings, home, etc. And, they also treat children, who have witnessed or experienced abuse and/or intimidation.

Basically, child counselors treat any issues that cause children social or emotional distress and/or any mental health condition that is affecting a child’s life. The goal of these professionals is to help your child identify and cope with any issue or issues they are experiencing in a healthy way.

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